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The company is located near National Road 207 and 101. Its total investment is 280 million RMB; and the annual production is over 30,000T.The main equipments includes an annual production 8,000T VRH moulding line, sand production lines, two 5T electric smelting furnaces, two 3T electric arc furnaces, a 20T refining furnaces, one 3T intermediate frequency furnace, one 250kg intermediate frequency furnace, 7 sets of 15T 460KW trolley furnace, and 10 sets of 240KW trolley furnace, etc. There are advanced detection facilities, such as magnetic powder flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, spectrometer analysis, tensile, hardness, impact testing machine, etc. And we can do model building, modeling, melting, pouring, shake, blast, normalizing, ......